From one of Australia’s most inventive dance makers.

Will the artefacts of the modern world eventually be reclaimed by nature?

Come and see what this ingenious dance ensemble do with a stage full of sofas, ironing boards, kitchen drawers and an avalanche of books. Out of this debris, the dancers form geographical representations that stunningly evoke the vast complexity of a living ecosystem.

With music from the Baroque period and an original score by Brendan Woithe.

We went behind the scenes and chatted with ADT Artistic Director Garry Stewart and Dancer Zoe Dunwoodie about the company and Habitus.

Conceived and Directed by Garry Stewart
Assistant to Garry Stewart Elizabeth Old
Choreography Garry Stewart and Larissa McGowan
Dramaturgy Gideon Obarzanek
Lighting Design Damien Cooper
Composer Brendan Woithe
Design Gaelle Mellis and Garry Stewart

Produced by Australian Dance Theatre and Adelaide Festival Centre in association with the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Photo: Chris Herzfeld - Camlight Productions

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