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The Riverbank Palais

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    There’s a new home for your favourite morning ritual.

    We’re opening The Riverbank Palais (nearly) every morning of the Festival for quality coffee and light breakfast from CIBO Espresso paired with lively discussions on current affairs and festival news.

    Each morning will play host to a free session of fascinating insights and commentary by a series of bright minds (writers, journalists, festival artists and academics) in a discussion in response to the day's headlines.

    Stop in before work or after your morning run, grab a copy of The Advertiser on board and enjoy your breakfast and news with a view.


    Date Time Guests
    Fri 3 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Tania El Khoury & Ziad Abu Rish (Gardens Speak) and Paul Starick (The Advertiser & Sunday Mail)
    Sat 4 Mar 7am-10am
    Session: 8am-9am
    David Hunt & Jess Walton (Adelaide Writers' Week), Tobias Veit (Richard III, Schaubühne Director) and Clive Paget (Limelight Magazine)
    Tue 7 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Ben Ehrenreich & Patrick Cockburn (Adelaide Writers' Week) and Deb Bogle (The Advertiser Senior Writer/Books Editor)
    Wed 8 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Thomas Frank & Peter Cave (Adelaide Writers' Week), Michael Cathcart (ABC Radio National Presenter, Books and Art) and Samela Harris (journalist, critic, blogger, Convenor of Women in Media SA)
    Thu 9 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Mei Fong & Malachy Tallack (Adelaide Writers' Week) and Nick Harmsen (ABC State Political Reporter)
    Fri 10 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Decca Aitkenhead (Adelaide Writers’ Week), Amanda Vanstone (former politician/ ambassador, ABC Radio National) and Peter Goers (ABC Adelaide)
    Sat 11 Mar 7am-10am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Richard Katz (The Encounter), Shôn Dale Jones (The Duke), Sophie Hyde (Film Director, Closer Productions) and Kim Williams (former CEO News Corp Aus & Foxtel)
    Sun 12 Mar 7am-10am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Scott Hicks (Film Director) and Jo Dyer (Executive Director, Sydney Writers' Festival)
    Mon 13 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Kirsty McCahon (Chamber Landscapes), Dr Rob Manwaring (School of Social and Policy Studies, Flinders University) and Candice Prosser (ABC News reporter)
    Tue 14 Mar 7am-11am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Naomi Edwards (Peter and the Wolf, Patch Theatre), Dr John Spoehr (Director, Australian Industrial Transformational Institute, Flinders University) and Michael McGuire (The Advertiser/ SA Weekend, Senior Writer)
    9am-11am CIBO Espresso Barista Competition
    Wed 15 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Richard Kuipers (Variety Film Critic, Film Producer), Dr Rodrigo Praino (Lecturer in Politics & Public Policy, Flinders University) and Jessica Leo-Kelton (Editor-in-Chief, Messenger Newspaper)
    Thu 16 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy (Writer), Dr Priya Chacko (Lecturer in International Politics, Adelaide University) and Emma Rebellato (ABC News Presenter)
    Fri 17 Mar 7am-9.30am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Ben Kauffman and Sarah Fornace (Manual Cinema), Dr Alice Gorman (Senior Lecturer Archaeology, Flinders University) and Greg Barila (The Advertiser, Social Media Editor)
    Sat 18 Mar 7am-10am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Professor Carol Johnson (Politics and International Studies, Adelaide University), Craig Harrison (Backbone), Dr Paul Willis (science journalist, director of RiAus, Associate Prof in Palaeontology at Flinders University) and Nick Harmsen (ABC State Political Reporter)
    Sun 19 Mar 7am-10am
    Session: 8am-9am
    Anna Goldsworthy (Chamber Landscapes music series Director), Prof Julian Meyrick (Professor Creative Arts, Flinders University), and Sean Fewster (The Advertiser, Chief Court Reporter)

    *Check back regularly for program updates

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