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Writers' week

Collected stories

I'm Laura Kroetsch, Director of Adelaide Writers' Week. Come and journey with me through the marvellous world of literature. If you feel inspired, get involved and leave a comment at the bottom of the stories!

Podcasts from 2016

15 March 2016

To download these podcasts, simply scroll down below the player and click on the podcast you’d like to download. This will take you to its SoundCloud page where you have the options to comment, like, share, add to playlist, or download. Simply click ‘download’ and you’ve got it!

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Day 1: Saturday 27 February

9.30am | West Stage | The Short Story: Etgar Keret, Fiona McFarlane, Jim Shepard
9.30am | East Stage | A Place Called Winter: Patrick Gale
10:45am | West Stage | Life Lessons: Drusilla Modjeska, Beth Yahp
10:45am | East Stage | One Life: Kate Grenville
12pm | West Stage | On Memory: Jesse Ball, Anna Smaill, Laura Van Den Berg
12pm | East Stage | Legacy: Magda Szubanski, Leah Kaminsky
1.15pm | West Stage | The Water Knife: Paolo Bacigalupi
1.15pm | East Stage | Still Alice: Lisa Genova
2.30pm | West Stage | The Map of Time: Felix J Palma
2.30pm | East Stage | A Golden Age: Laura Thompson, Robert Wainwright
3.45pm | West Stage | Adelaide Festival Awards
3.45pm | East Stage | Keating: Kerry O’Brien
5pm | West Stage | Plain Speaking Jane: Jane Caro

Day 2: Sunday 28 February

9.30am | West Stage | The Pacific: Rob Mundle, Simon Winchester
9.30am | East Stage | How Enid Blyton Changed My Life: Robert Dessaix
10:45am | West Stage | The Seven Good Years: Etgar Keret
10:45am | East Stage | Coffin Road: Peter May
12pm | West Stage | A Marriage: Lauren Groff, Virginia Reeves
12pm | East Stage | Something for the Pain: Gerald Murnane
1.15pm | West Stage | On Being Worried: Kate De Goldi, Darren Groth
1.15pm | East Stage | Traveller’s Tales: Fran Bryson, Beth Yahp
2.30pm | West Stage | Twins: Bernard Beckett
2.30pm | East Stage | Political Women: Jane Caro, Annabel Crabb
3.45pm | West Stage | Rough Places: Stephen Daisley, Rohan Wilson
3.45pm | East Stage | The Life of Elves: Muriel Barbery
5pm | West Stage | The Doctor: Mohamed Khadra
5pm | East Stage | Reckoning: Magda Szubanski

Day 3: Monday 29 February

9.30am | West Stage | New Worlds: Patrick Gale, Paul Yoon
9.30am | East Stage | The Illuminations: Andrew O’Hagan
10:45am | West Stage | Sister City: Kate De Goldi, Fiona Farrell
10:45am | East Stage | A Cure For Suicide: Jesse Ball
12pm | West Stage | Dedication: Brenda Niall
12pm | East Stage | The Boof of Aron: Jim Shepard
1.15pm | West Stage | Let’s Get Lost: Stephanie Bishop, Catherine Lacey
1.15pm | East Stage | Fairy Tale:Muriel Barbery, Patrick DeWitt
2.30pm | West Stage | On Crime Writing: Peter May, Margie Orford
2.30pm | East Stage | Fates and Furies: Lauren Groff
3.45pm | West Stage | Political Zombies: Paolo Bacigalupi, Carl Shuker
3.45pm | East Stage | The Making of a Writer: Bill Manhire, Max Porter
5pm | West Stage | Poetry Reading: Aidan Coleman, Jelena Dinic, Jill Jones, Kate Llewellyn, Thom Sullivan
5pm | East Stage | Ocean of the Future: Simon Winchester

Day 4: Tuesday 1 March

9.30am | West Stage | Coming Rain: Stephen Daisley
9.30am | East Stage | The Mitfords: Laura Thompson
10:45am | West Stage | Undermajordomo Minor: Patrick DeWitt
10:45am | East Stage | At Large: Catherine Lacey, Joanna Walsh
12pm | West Stage | Lifted: Bill Manhire
12pm | East Stage | Work Like Any Other: Virginia Reeves
1.15pm | West Stage | Ted Hughes: Jonathan Bate
1.15pm | East Stage | Telling Tales: Tegan Bennett Daylight, Sonja Dechian
2.30pm | West Stage | War Stories: Andrew O’Hagan, Paul Yoon
2.30pm | East Stage | The Girl With Seven Names: Hyeonseo Lee
3.45pm | West Stage | The High Places: Fiona McFarlane
3.45pm | East Stage | Find Me: Laura Van Den Berg
5pm | West Stage | True Crime: Gideon Haigh
5pm | East Stage | Mother Russia: Masha Gessen, Simon Sebag Montefiore

Day 5: Wednesday 2 March

9.30am | West Stage | Travelling Without Gods: Chris Wallace-Crabbe
9.30am | East Stage | The Romanovs: Simon Sebag Montefiore
10:45am | West Stage | The Crow: Jonathan Bate, Max Porter
10:45am | East Stage | Women and Children First: Jennifer Clement, Margie Orford
12pm | West Stage | Broken Dreams: Peggy Frew, Mireille Juchau
12pm | East Stage | Novels in Novels: Debra Adelaide, Gail Jones
1.15pm | West Stage | Inbetween Days: Vikki Wakefield
1.15pm | East Stage | Vertigo: Joanna Walsh
2.30pm | West Stage | The Chimes: Anna Smaill
2.30pm | East Stage | Domestic Terrorism: Masha Gessen
3.45pm | West Stage | Boyhoodlum: Anson Cameron
3.45pm | East Stage | Salt Creek: Lucy Treloar
5pm | West Stage | Maverick Mountaineer: Robert Wainwright
5pm | East Stage | The Dismissal: Troy Bramston, Paul Kelly

Day 6: Thursday 3 March

9.30am | West Stage | Blockbuster!: Lucy Sussex
9.30am | East Stage | The Natural Way of Things: Charlotte Wood
10:45am | West Stage | Under Cover: Craig Munro
10:45am | East Stage | Archipelago of Souls: Gregory Day
12pm | West Stage | The Women’s Pages: Debra Adelaide
12pm | East Stage | Chance Developments: Alexander McCall Smith
1.15pm | West Stage | Real Food: Simon Bryant, Jennifer McLagan
1.15pm | East Stage | Unifinished Business: Anne-Marie Slaughter
2.30pm | West Stage | Outsiders: Tony Birch, Paddy O’Reilly
2.30pm | East Stage | Prayers For The Stolen: Jennifer Clement
3.45pm | West Stage | A Guide to Berlin: Gail Jones
3.45pm | East Stage | But, is it Cricket: Malcolm Knox
5pm | West Stage | Bloodhound: Romana Koval
5pm | East Stage | Australia’s Second Chance: George Megalogenis