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Over several summers, Trio Mediaeval and trumpeter Arve Henriksen met by the beautiful Dalsfjorden, on the Norwegian west coast. Rímur was born in that landscape. Inspired by Icelandic sagas, lilting chants, folk songs, ancient hymns and fiddle tunes, the quartet created a haunting set of songs where improvisation, mediaeval and traditional music from Iceland, Norway and Sweden fuse in lyrical meditations on time, place, belief.



Anon. Tvísöngur (17th-century Iceland) arr. A.M. Friman (b. 1972): Morgunstjarna          
Anon. Tvísöngur (17th-century Iceland) arr. A.M. Friman: Anda þinn guð mér gef þú vist                            
After Þuríður Friðriksdóttir (Ríma, Iceland) arr. Trio Mediaeval & A. Henriksen (b. 1968): Láta gjalla létt og hátt
Nils Hermansson (1326-1391) (14th-century Vadstena, Sweden, from Office of St. Birgitta) arr. Trio Mediaeval & A. Henriksen: St Birgitta Hymn—Rosa rorans bonitatem                                  
Trad. Mediaeval ballad (Norway) after Kalenda Maya arr. L.A. Fuglseth (b. 1969): Villemann og Magnhild
Anon. (13th- and 14th-century Orkney) arr. Trio Mediaeval & A. Henriksen: St Magnus Hymn—Nobilis humilis 
Trad. Folk song (Norway) arr. L.A. Fuglseth: So ro liten tull
Trad. Folk song (Norway) after Sondre Bratland, arr. L.A. Fuglseth: Sulla lulla                                        
Anon. Tvísöngur (17th-century Iceland) arr. Trio Mediaeval & A. Henriksen: O Jesu dulcissime


Anon. (13th-century Bergen, Norway) arr. Trio Mediaeval & A. Henriksen: St Sunniva Hymn—Eterna—Christi munera      
Trad. Mediaeval ballad (Sweden) arr. A.M. Friman: Sankt Göran och draken
Anon. Tvísöngur (17th-century Iceland): Rís upp, drottni dýrð
Trad. Folk song (Småland, Sweden) arr. A.M. Friman: Om ödet skulle skicka mig  
Trad. Folk song (Sweden) arr. A.M. Friman: Jag haver ingen kärare
Trad. Folk song (Fron, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway) arr. P.G Lien: Gammelkjerringvalsen
Anna Maria Friman & Arve Henriksen: Krummi 
Trad. Sjömansvisa (Shanty) (Sweden) after Sofia Sandén arr. A.M. Friman: Du är den



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