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Barrio – Hajek Plaza (behind Parliament House)

Download the Barrio Access Map.

King William Road

Bus stop Z2 travelling from North into Adelaide CBD or stop A2 travelling into Adelaide CBD from the South.

A short walk from the Adelaide Railway Station.

Tram from Glenelg or Adelaide Entertainment Centre, stop on North Terrace.

Parking: Festival Drive, enter off King William Road

The car park is equipped with a lift and ramps which are accessible from all car park spaces. To pre-book your disability space please call BASS on 131 246. Bookings must be made no later than 12 noon the day before the park is required or by Friday 12 noon for a weekend car park.


SUN 3 MAR At Barrio

An evening of ceremony without sermons or moaning. May contain traces of weddings and funerals, one hundred per cent Hugh Grant free. SHRINE OFFERING Keys MUSIC ROSS MCHENRY FUTURE ENSEMBLE WITH MARK DE CLIVE LOWE (NZ/AUS/USA) ARIA Award-winning funk-master Ross McHenry and the exciting pia


FRI 1 MAR At Barrio

Enter a living library and eat your way around the world. Tip for young players: Elastic waisted pants are so hot right now. SHRINE OFFERING Two spoons MUSIC PUTA MADRE BROTHERS (AUS) The world's only surviving triple one-man-band band! BONUS A live set with Mark de Clive-Lowe joine


THU 7 MAR At Barrio

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia proves that the best fears are also the hardest to spell. Enochlophobia, geliophobia, anuptaphobia all deserve an honourable mention. Isn’t fear funny? SHRINE OFFERING Something you are scared of MUSIC KIRA PURU & THE BRUISE (AUS) Gear up your heartache a


SAT 2 MAR At Barrio

Remember when erotica was fluoro-coloured and fun? Me too. Let’s hang out, if you know what I mean. Sexxxy tiiiimes. SHRINE OFFERING Something sexy MUSIC SOUL II SOUL (UK) Come Back to Life with Brixton’s two-time Grammy Award-winning sound-system Soul II Soul (UK) lead by DJ Jazzie B.


FRI 8 MAR At Barrio

Planet Earth is about to be recycled. Leave with us on a journey into the next plane of human existence. Those with bowl cuts will be considered favourably in the selection process. SHRINE OFFERING Bring something from your past life that you will leave behind MUSIC TORO Y MOI (USA) The man


SUN 10 MAR At Barrio

Games that you play by yourself, games you play with your partner, games you play with people’s minds, games you play with the authorities ... SHRINE OFFERING A Card MUSIC ELECTRIC EMPIRE (NZ/AUS) A sexier than Stevie and cooler than Curtis quartet to soothe your soul. DJ HUGO MEND


THU 14 MAR At Barrio

Dogs are the best people. But cats are still better than the worst people. And giraffes give birth standing up. None of these animals build houses though so it’ll probably be more of a nest, I’m betting. SHRINE OFFERING Homage to your favourite animal MUSIC CUMBIA COSMONAUTS (AUS) Elect


FRI 15 MAR At Barrio

Backpackers get in free (safe exit not guaranteed). Missing persons welcome. SHRINE OFFERING Skull and bones MUSIC SNOWDROPPERS (AUS) Ribald musical men ruminating on the topics of fornication and intoxication. CLIENT LIAISON (AUS) Fine purveyors of new-jack swing. BONUS Pol


SAT 16 MAR At Barrio

In the heady days before you even knew what the walk of shame was, staying over was a whole different game played with pyjamas, hot chocolate and midnight snacks. Let our time machine work its magic on your innocence gland. Come in your pyjamas with a feather pillow for fighting. SHRINE OFFERING


SAT 9 MAR At Barrio

With chance as your master, be brave, roll the die, this night will change your life. SHRINE OFFERING A die and a list of six things you always wanted to do MUSIC KEB DARGE (UK) Knocking your bobby socks off spinning the rarest of rare rockabilly-surf records. SURAHN (AUS) The multi


The Naughty Corner

It’s a clandestine feast in a particularly improper place – send yourself there with a will to play and an empty stomach to fill. You will do as you are told in The Naughty Corner. You will submit to the firm hand of nonsensical obedience. You will exist in the moment and share yourself with



The rumours are true. Like a best friend returned from afar, the shape-shifting heart of the Adelaide Festival is back. The less you know about this decadent refuge for artists and audiences alike, the more fun you will have. Click the links below for the full Barrio line up: Fri 1 Mar - LUNCH


SOUL II SOUL (Soundsystem)

British electro RnB pioneers Soul II Soul bring the ’80s and ’90s Back to Life as they meld together Philadelphia soul, disco, reggae and hip-hop in one butt-swinging live show. The two-time Grammy award winning outfit led by DJ Jazzie B inspired the sounds of a decade when their first album