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Staff And Board content

Adelaide Festival Corporation Board Members

Judy Potter (Chair)
Ulrike Klein AO
David Knox
Ian McRae AO
Mark Roderick
Hon Amanda Vanstone
Sandy Vershoor
Jim WhalleyAlison Beare (Proxy to Ulrike Klein)
Rachel Williams (Government Observer)


Neil Armfield AO and Rachel Healy, Artistic Directors
Rob Brookman AM, Executive Director
Rachael Azzopardi, Deputy Executive Director

Marta Davis, Executive Assistant


Lesley Newton, Head of Programming
Kate Hillgrove, Program Manager
Tess Appleby, Program Manager
Sam Wright, Executive Producer & Curator Festival Club                                               
Jess Thomson, Music Producer, Festival Club
Stevan Pavlovic, Program Executive (currently on leave)
Dani Raymond, Program Executive
Joel Allan, Logistics Coordinator
Julie Orchard, Youth, Education & Talks Coordinator

Adelaide Writers' Week

Jo Dyer, Director
Suzanne Critchley, Program Manager


Taren Hornhardt, Head of Production
Melanie Selwood, Production Manager

Dave Mclean, Production Manager

Roland Partis, Special Events Production Coordinator
Mark Pennington, Technical Consultant

Jacinta Way, Production Administrator


Finance and Corporate Services

Elizabeth Brooks, Head of Corporate Services
Zarina Yusop, Finance and IT Manager
Prue Miels, Administration/Payroll Officer
Ionah Warrior, Trainee

Festival Associates

Mary Vallentine AO, Classical Music Advisor

Marketing and Communications

Michelle Reid, Head of Marketing & Communications
Benita Healy, Ticketing and Data Manager
Laura Danesin, Marketing Executive
Annika Stennert, Marketing Executive
Brittany Pfeiffer, Marketing Assistant
Anthea Hagar, Publicist
Petrina Egan, National Publicist
Carolina Rojas, Publicity Coordinator
Tessa King, Graphic Designer

Business Development

Amanda Wheeler, Head of Business Development
Kirilea Salomone, Business Development Manager
Beatrice Jeavons, Sponsorship Coordinator (currently on leave)
Emma Williams, Sponsorship Coordinator


Sarah Killey, Senior Philanthropy Manager
Bernadette Woods, Philanthropy Manager
Katya Fedyk, Philanthropy Coordinator

With thanks to

Katy Biggs
Alan John
Shane Reid