Adelaide Festival // 2 - 18 March 2012

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4 Movements for Voices, Whistles and Strings

Sweden / France

Music is commonly defined as "organisation of sounds", by opposition to noise - etymologically from nausea, referring to nuisance, disorder or idleness. In the context of this opposition, where noise and idleness are considered negative, the musical genre of the Divertimento appears to be somehow ambiguous.

Traditionally a light and entertaining composition, generally for a small ensemble, also described as Nachtmusik, a light, "after-dinner" and often outdoor music, the Divertimento used to accompany banquets and other social events.

Divertimento - 4 movements for voices, whistles and strings, is an attempt to draw on this ambiguity and invites performers and audience to a moment of distraction, amusement, entertainment and delight, but also to possibilities of rerouting, redirecting, and "changing the course of".

Annika Larsson and Augustin Maurs will be presenting this work as part of the Adelaide International: Restless exhibition at the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art.


Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art


Thursday, 1 March 7pm


70 mins




Wheelchair Access 50% Some background music/sounds

Wheelchair access
Some background music/sounds.


Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art
Hawke Building, City West campus, University of South Australia, 55 North Terrace (corner Fenn Place and North Terrace)

Public Transport
Bus Stop C1 North Terrace – North Side
Bus Stop W2 North Terrace – South Side

Tram from Glenelg or Adelaide Entertainment Centre, stop on North Terrace.

Driving to your event?
The closest public car park to City West campus is located in Clarendon Street next to BE building.
Visit UPark to to find an alternative parking.

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Presented as part of Adelaide International 2012: Restless.
This performance is the result of an Adelaide Festival workshop.

Annika Larsson / Augustin Maurs, Divertimento - 4 movements for voices, whistles and strings, 2011, mixed media, courtesy the artists.
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