Adelaide Festival // 2 - 18 March 2012

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Anti- Materialist Materialisms

Opening Keynote

Australia / The Netherlands - Germany

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Keynote speaker: Jan Verwoert / Introduction by Victoria Lynn

"It's not about what you believe, it's about what gets you there," argued Aleister Crowley, voicing the pragmatic spirit at the heart of spiritual practices. "Occultists are practical people," joked Adorno, mocking the modern infatuation with mystery cults as a need to fabricate higher reasons for mundane pursuits. How could we articulate the ethos of a practice that involves both the rejection of a nostalgia for cultic order and a dedication to the mad joy of activating multiple (socio-cosmo-eroto-politco-aesthetic) relations in the making, thinking and exchanging of magical things?



Into Cosmos Introduction
Into Cosmos Day One
Into Cosmos Day Two
Into Cosmos Day Three
Into Cosmos Day Four


Banquet Room - Adelaide Festival Centre


Fri 2 Mar 1pm - 2.30pm


90 minutes




Wheelchair Access Sign Interpreting

Wheelchair access
Sign interpreting (selected times)


Banquet Room - Adelaide Festival Centre
King William St - Western side (08) 8216 8600 Bus stop Z2 travelling from North into Adelaide CBD or stop A2 travelling into Adelaide CBD from the South. A short walk from the Adelaide Railway Station. Tram from Glenelg or Adelaide Entertainment Centre, stop on North Terrace. Parking: Festival Drive, enter off King William Road The car park is equipped with a lift and ramps which are accessible from all car park spaces. To pre-book your disability space please call BASS on 131 246. Bookings must be made no later than 12 noon the day before the park is required or by Friday 12 noon for a weekend car park.

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