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Supported by Fourteen Nights At Sea [AUS] and Trash McSweeney and Alix Kol [AUS]


Freemasons Hall


Fri 6 Mar, 8pm
(Doors open at 7.30pm)


Adult $49 / Friends $42

Transaction fees apply


A wonderfully bizarre avant-garde hybrid of classical music, heavy rock and punk

The Japan Times

Famous for their jaw-dropping performances featuring three eccentric vocalists, a body painted dancer, dual drummers, a macho man and a noise violinist, Osaka’s Vampillia is a self-described 'brutal orchestra'. Boasting members of seminal Japanese bands including Boredoms and Ruins, the 11-piece has recently recorded in Iceland with Ben Frost to develop their mysteriously universal sound. Hold on tight as anarchic vocals, discordant guitars and powerful drums make an unlikely match with elaborate strings and piano to form the beautiful chaos that is Vampillia. Hear what Artistic Director David Sefton has to say about the 2015 post-rock and contemporary music series:


PHOTO 1 Rob Walbers