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Day Six

Adelaide Writers' Week



Thu 05 Mar, 9.30am-6.00pm

1 hr sessions


FREE - no bookings required

Thursday 05 March

Day Six Sessions:


ANGRY PENGUINS / 9.30am West Stage
Betty Snowden / Samela Harris

THE BUSH / 9.30am East Stage
Don Watson

MY PALESTINE / 10.45am West Stage
Leila Yusaf Chung / Antony Loewenstein

THE GOLDEN AGE / 10.45am East Stage
Joan London

BY BOAT, BY PLANE / 12.00pm West Stage
Munjed Al Muderis / Cat Thao Nguyen

FOOD PIONEERS / 12.00pm East Stage
Dan Barber

ST KILDA BLUES / 1.15pm West Stage
Geoff McGeachin

MR MAC AND ME / 1.15pm East Stage
Esther Freud

SHORTS / 2.30pm West Stage
Cate Kennedy / Angela Meyer

WHEN THE NIGHT COMES / 2.30pm East Stage
Favel Parrett

SIX CAPITALS / 3.45pm West Stage
Jane Gleeson-White

CYCLONE TRACY / 3.45pm East Stage
Sophie Cunningham

DESCENT INTO HELL / 5.00pm West Stage
Peter Brune

PEACEMONGERS / 5.00pm East Stage
Barry Hill

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