Adelaide Festival 2015 || The Third Plate

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The Third Plate

Dan Barber


Jolleys Boathouse


Wed 4 Mar, 12pm

2 hours


Adult $85
Includes main course, sides, coffee and glass of wine

Transaction fees apply


Mr Barber, like the enterprising farmers he meets, is waging a series of small rear-guard actions against the massed armies of modern agribusiness

New York Times

As a celebrated chef and writer, Dan Barber’s TED Talks have amassed over two million views as he speaks on topics ranging from foie gras to sustainable fisheries. With his new book The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food, this passionately political chef explores the philosophies that have become central to the farm-to-table movement. At this exclusive lunch event he discusses why the movement hasn't fundamentally changed our food system, and proposes a new definition for delicious and ethical eating.