On this first night Ilan Volkov, with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, showcases new orchestral works with a stunning array of collaborators.

Program One (Friday)
Ilan Volkov (Conductor) with
the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, The Necks and Speak Percussion
Plus Splinter Orchestra

New work by:
Eyvind Kang
Annie Hsieh
Cathy Milliken
Phill Niblock
Jim O'Rourke

Presented by the Adelaide Festival of Arts in partnership with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

TectonicsAdelaide Symphony Orchestra Image of Ilan Volkov by Simon Butterworth

David Sefton previews Tectonics Adelaide

Read an article

Tectonics: Moving the ground rules again
- by Graham Strahle, published in The Adelaide Review, 25 Nov 2015

Music streamers...

If Spotify's your weapon of choice, to get you in the mood we've curated a great little Tectonics Adelaide 2016 playlist featuring some previous work and performances by some 2016 Tectonics artists.

More about The Necks

Learn about their project, re-imagining of Brian Eno's music, for Melbourne's Supersense Festival last year

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