Don’t have a time-travelling submarine? Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium is the next best thing. Dive into the action of this ancient aquatic world and swim up close to the amazing prehistoric marine reptiles that inhabit it. This truly immersive theatre show’s lifelike puppets recreate an extinct underwater universe you won’t want to leave. Primeval swimwear not required.

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Writer Scott Wright with Drew Fairley and Catherine McNamara
Director Scott Wright
Designer Steve Howarth
Sound Design Phil Downing
Animation Christian J Heinrich
Illustrations Gabbie Paananen

Hosts Drew Fairley, Catherine McNamara
Puppeteers Sharon Kerr, Gabbie Paananen, Michael Cullen
Electronics Consultant Nick Wishart

Executive Director Sharon Kerr
Producer Gemma Pepper
Production Management Mark Haslam, Neil Simpson
Workshop Manager Nyssa Miller
Workshop Team Celia Curtis, Aron Dosiak, Aesha Henderson, Danielle Hollows, Katrina Lynch, Ella McInnes, Matina Moutzouris, Gabbie Paananen, Brett Wilbe

Photos: Source images Heidrun Lohr and Nick Wishart, courtesy of Erth

David Sefton previews Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium


"It’s truly unique, humorous, beautiful and utterly mesmerizing, and you might learn a few science facts along the way."
- | Read more

"Engaging and informative, this show has it all"
- a glowing review by 12 year-old Felicity on Stage Noise | Read more

"This production tingles with a constant sense of awe"
- Stage Whispers | Read more

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