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Concerto Italiano

Monteverdi, L’Orfeo

Past Event

Australian Premiere / Exclusive to Adelaide / One Night Only

  • About

    Exactly 410 years ago an audience crammed into a tiny theatre in Mantua to witness the birth of an art form. L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, if not the first opera ever staged, is without doubt the earliest and most enduring operatic masterpiece. Now you have the chance to hear it in concert as they did in 1607.

    Concerto Italiano, one of Europe’s premiere baroque ensembles are renowned for their interpretations of Vivaldi and Bach (in 2014 their recording of the Brandenburg Concertos was voted the finest ever recorded). But performing Monteverdi forged their reputation and over the past three years they have triumphantly returned to his greatest works. Last year Perth and Melbourne got to hear their Vespers of 1610 and pronounced the concerts unforgettable. Don’t miss out this time.

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  • Credits

    Director Rinaldo Alessandrini
    Tour Manager Kate Adams

    Soprano Anna Simboli, Francesca Cassinari, Silvia Frigato
    Tenor Raffaele Giordani, Gianluca Ferrarini, Andres Montilla, Valerio Contaldo
    Baritone Marco Scavazza, Mauro Borgioni
    Bass Salvo Vitale, Matteo Bellotto
    Violin Antonio De Secondi, Nicholas Robinson
    Viola Ettore Belli, Teresa Ceccato
    Cello Marco Ceccato
    Double Bass Matteo Coticoni
    Recorder Maria De Martini, Pietro Meldolesi
    Trombone Ermes Giussani, Mauro Morini, David Yacus, Fabio Costa, Corrado Colliard
    Cornetto Kunico Ueno, Gawain Glenton
    Trumpet Luca Marzana, Jonathan Pia
    Theorbo Craig Marchitelli, Ugo Di Giovanni
    Percussion Riccardo Balbinutti
    Harp Flora Papadopoulos
    Organ Francesco Moi

    Program Monteverdi, L’Orfeo favola in musica, 1607

    Images Hanwa Group

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    Artistic Directors Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy preview Concerto Italiano


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