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Wot? No Fish!!


Past Event
  • About

    In 1926, in the East End of London, Jewish shoemaker Ab Solomons doodled on the wage-packet he gave to his wife Celie. Every week of their marriage, right up until 1982, Ab developed his art, drawing her a wage-packet picture every week.

    These pictures chronicle Ab and Celie’s family life, and the surrounding social and political upheavals, with great wit, warmth and blistering honesty.

    Danny Braverman’s solo show tells the funny and moving story of how he discovered his great uncle’s lost art, hidden in dozens of dusty shoeboxes. Wot? No Fish!! is an extraordinary story of love and art, history and family that has played all over the world to an ever-growing legion of fans.

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  • Credits

    A collaboration between Danny Braverman and Nick Philippou
    Writer/Performer Danny Braverman
    Original Direction Nick Philippou
    Technical Manager Simon Jackson Lyall
    International Producer Charlene Lim

    Images Monty Trent

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    Watch the trailer

    Artistic Directors Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy preview Wot? No Fish!!

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