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Argentine Tango Milonga

Featuring Tángalo

The Riverbank Palais

Past Event
  • About

    Enter an intriguingly beautiful tango salon with Australia’s best modern tango quintet Tángalo, where you can witness the virtuosity of professional dancers and then join them on the floor.

    The powerfully evocative music of Argentine Tango creates an atmosphere of barely contained passion as performers Andrew and Adrienne Gill dance with elegance, sensuality and dynamic intensity matched by their joyful connection.

    As the evening evolves into a traditional Milonga, social dancers improvise to a soundtrack from Argentina’s golden age, connecting with the authentic tango tradition from the dance halls of Buenos Aires and beyond.
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    Southern Cross Tango

    Interested in learning Argentine Tango dancing right here in Adelaide?
    Southern Cross Tango offer Argentine Tango group & private classes with Adrienne & Andrew Gill
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