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Christine Manfield

The Riverbank Palais
Long Lunch Series

Past Event
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    Enjoy the best local tastes with our long lunch series on The Riverbank Palais, featuring the chefs who shaped our culinary destiny. For the full line-up, click here.

    One of Australia’s most celebrated chefs and culinary writers, Christine Manfield is beloved by both culinary disciples and casual foodies alike. She was a chef at Petaluma Winery under Cath Kerry from 1987 to 1988, and later worked with Phillip Searle at Oasis Seros in Sydney before starting her own business with partner Margie Harris. She has had three award winning restaurants - Paramount and Universal in Sydney and East@West in London, and now continues to broaden her global interests hosting bespoke gastronomic tours to exotic destinations including India, Spain, Morocco, Bhutan, France and South East Asia.

    With a theme of “Brave New World”, Manfield’s Long Lunch will pay homage to her culinary mentor, famed chef Phillip Searle, with a menu celebrating bold flavours and experimental techniques, finishing with a special Palais-inspired dessert.

    “My menu for ‘Brave New World’ takes its inspiration from the halcyon days of 1980’s Adelaide that were integral in the coming of age of modern Australian food, where we set our sights on new horizons and food was our vehicle for creative expression. I pay homage to my mentor Phillip Searle, a provocative chef at the forefront of an era defined by experimentation and expansion of our culinary horizons, who effortlessly combined east and western flavours and techniques. There will be blue swimmer crab, tamarind, eggplant and of course chilli - bold punchy flavours concluding with a Palais inspired dessert. My intention is to capture those ground breaking, free spirited times where we challenged the status quo, pushed the boundaries and dared to be different,” – Christine Manfield


    Riverbank Penfolds
  • Credits

    Palais Food Curator Gill Minervini
    Palais Food Consultant Duncan Welgemoed
    Head Chef Luke Burgess
    Long Lunches Featured Chefs Cath Kerry, Mark Best, Christine Manfield, Michael Ryan, Cheong Liew and Karl Firla

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