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The F Word

with Annabel Crabb

The Riverbank Palais

Past Event
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    Annabel Crabb is a master of the art of conversation and there’s no better time for a chat with friends than after work, over a glass of wine by the river.

    Join us at Adelaide’s most intimate new venue as Annabel invites some of Adelaide Festival’s most fascinating artists and thinkers to discuss festivals, feminism, fragrance, food and everything in between.

    Guests include award winning author Kate Grenville, acclaimed artist and film-maker Lynette Wallworth and scientist Margaret Wertheim, lauded US columnist and self-confessed loud woman Lindy West, and celebrated chef and culinary writer Christine Manfield.

    Each will share insights and perspectives that will bring you closer to not only their work, but to the women themselves.

    Kate Grenville and Lindy West are visiting Adelaide as guests of Adelaide Writers' Week. Click here to see the full program.


    Kate Grenville is one of Australia’s most celebrated writers, having received the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for her best-selling novel The Secret River, the stage adaptation of which features in the Adelaide Festival.

    Seattle-based Lindy West is a regular columnist at The Guardian and culture writer at GQ Magazine, covering everything from pop culture to feminism and social justice, humour to body image. Her memoir Shrill has recently taken the world by storm.

    Lynette Wallworth is an award-winning Australian artist/filmmaker who has consistently worked with emerging media technologies and whose work has been shown in galleries and at film festivals across the globe, including Coral: Rekindling Venus which plays exclusively in planetariums. She is joined by leading Australian scientist Margaret Wertheim, a writer, artist and curator whose work deals with the intersection of science and the wider cultural landscape.

    One of Australia’s most celebrated chefs and culinary writers, Christine Manfield has had three award winning restaurants - Paramount and Universal in Sydney and East@West in London, and now continues to broaden her global interests hosting bespoke gastronomic tours to exotic destinations including India, Spain, Morocco, Bhutan, France and South East Asia.

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