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ShiberHur Theatre Company

Australian Premiere / Adelaide Exclusive

  • About

    An old man dies and azza - the Palestinian mourning ritual - begins. Six men gather to pay their respects: sharing memories, dredging up old quarrels, remembering acts of fearlessness, ferocity and love, and quietly or noisily expressing their grief.

    Blending song and spoken word with an Arabic a cappella chorus, the story weaves a rich pattern of life and death through shared experiences, minor rivalries and brief moments of compassion and empathy. This ritual, in its rigid form of repetition and small gestures, is a ceremony where the mundane and dramatic are intertwined to create a peephole into the soul of a community.

    Unexpectedly moving, AZZA is an intimate portrait of comradeship and ritual from Amir Nizar Zuabi, one of the Middle East’s most important writer/directors and founder of the celebrated Palestinian theatre company ShiberHur. While this troubled region is the invisible backdrop to the work, its resonance lies in the universality of its embrace, the shared ways we mark the end of a life and our duty both to honour the dead and to go on living.

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  • Credits

    Written and Directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi
    Dramaturgy Khalifa Natour
    Music Faraj Suleiman
    Lighting Design Muaz Jubeh
    Choreography Samar Haddad King
    Performers Khalifa Natour, Henry Andrawes, Amer Hlehel, Adeeb Safadi, Wael Wakeem, Amer Khalil
    Production Manager Khawla Ibraheem

    Presented by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia

    Supported by Charlie (Khalil) Shahin AO

    AZZA was created with the support of the A.M. Qattan Foundation

    Image Adeeb Sadfadi