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Lior and Nigel Westlake
also featuring Australian,
Goldner and Tinalley
String Quartets

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    Music born of political oppression or the oppressive weight of world events is more often exhilarating and eloquent than dour and dispiriting. This uplifting concert culminates in Nigel Westlake and Lior’s magnificent setting (in a newly commissioned arrangement for Septet) of seven ancient Hebrew and Arabic texts, written in response to the vicious and implacable cycle of violence in the Middle East. Lior’s gloriously soulful voice and Westlake’s radiant music achieve the seemingly impossible: the uniting of Islam and Judaism in a joyful celebration of compassion and its ability to bring people together across the divides of race and fear.

    Two very different but equally profound responses to Soviet subjugation form the first part of the concert: Arvo Pärt’s sublime Fratres from 1977, that study (so beloved by filmmakers from Paul Anderson to Terrence Malick) of how the temporal and the timeless can coexist, and Dmitri Shostakovich’s mighty Chamber Symphony, a dark and bitter suicide note to Stalin, here featuring a rare and spectacular coming together of Australia’s three finest string quartets.

    Pärt Fratres
    Tinalley String Quartet

    Shostakovich Chamber Symphony Op 110a
    Australian String Quartet
    Goldner String Quartet
    Tinalley String Quartet
    Andrew Meisel, Bass


    Lior/Westlake Compassion*
    Lior, Voice
    Tinalley String Quartet
    Daniel de Borah, Piano
    Claire Edwardes, Percussion
    Andrew Meisel, Bass

    *Chamber version of Compassion commissioned for premiere at the 2018 Adelaide Festival by Tinalley String Quartet with generous funding provided by Julian Burnside, Andrew and Theresa Dyer, Anonymous and the Ukaria Foundation.

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