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Did you miss your favourite author at Adelaide Writers' Week 2018, or you simply want to listen to their session again? We got you covered.
Listen to the playlist or browse through the list below.

Day 1: Saturday 3 March

9.30am | West Stage | Little Girls: Anna George and Sofie Laguna
9.30am | East Stage | Friends: Alan Hollinghurst and Sarah Winman
10.45am | West Stage | The Memory Game: Catherine Chidgey and Rachel Khong
10.45am| East Stage | Dark Heart: Ceridwen Dovey and Lawrence Osborne
12pm | West Stage | Blind Spot: Teju Cole
12pm | East Stage | Salt Fat Acid Heat: Samin Nosrat
1.15pm | West Stage | Lost Things: Bernice Chauly, Michelle de Kretser and Vivek Shanbhag
1.15pm | East Stage | Brain Food: Maggie Beer and Ralph Martins
2.30pm | West Stage | Invented Histories: Catherine McKinnon and Jane Rawson
2.30pm | East Stage | American South: Thomas Mullen and Michael Farris Smith
3.45pm | West Stage | Adelaide Festival Awards
3.45pm | East Stage | Small Towns: Mark Brandi and Dervla McTiernan
5pm | West Stage | War&Peace: John Lyons and Sarah Sentilles
5pm | East Stage | Saga Land: Richard Fidler and Kári Gíslason

Day 2: Sunday 4 March

9.30am | West Stage | A Hundred Small Lessons: Ashley Hay
9.30am | East Stage | Glass Houses: Louise Penny
10.45am | West Stage | The Animals: Ceridwen Dovey, Eva Hornung and Fiona McFarlane
10.45am | East Stage | Murder/Memoir: Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
12pm | West Stage | Goodbye, Vitamin: Rachel Khong
12pm | East Stage | Home Fire: Kamila Shamsie
1.15pm | West Stage | Free Speech in a Chinese World: Clive Hamilton
1.15pm | East Stage | Kinds of Madness: Alexander Maksik and Samanta Schweblin
2.30pm | West Stage | This book changed my life: Rebekah Clarkson, Sofie Laguna and Wendy Orr
2.30pm | East Stage | Words & Images: Teju Cole and Sarah Sentilles
3.45pm | West Stage | Boat People: Felicity Castagna and Michelle de Kretser
3.45pm | East Stage | Middle East Memoir: John Lyons
5pm | West Stage | Democracy and its Crisis: AC Grayling
5pm | East Stage | Detours: Tim Rogers

Day 3: Monday 5 March

9.30am | West Stage | Tin Man: Sarah Winman
9.30am | East Stage | Democracy and Populism: AC Grayling and George Megalogenis
10.45am | West Stage | Missing up: Pam Brown
10.45am | East Stage | Draw your Weapons: Sarah Sentilles
12pm | West Stage | Poet first, the... : Patricia Lockwood and Ashleigh Young
12pm | East Stage | Making History: Thomas Mullen and Sarah Schmidt
1.15pm | West Stage | Dedication: Mem Fox
1.15pm | East Stage | Beautiful Animals: Lawrence Osborne
2.30pm | West Stage | Honorary Wombat: Jackie French
2.30pm | East Stage | Desperation Road: Michael Farris Smith
3.45pm | West Stage | MUD Club Prize
3.45pm | East Stage | Strange Houses: Fiona McFarlane and Samanta Schweblin
5pm | West Stage | Dust Devils: Cory Doctorow, Maja Lunde and Jennifer Mills
5pm | East Stage | Into the Woods: Dervla McTiernan and Louise Penny

Day 4: Tuesday 6 March

9.30am | West Stage | The Life to Come: Michelle de Kretser
9.30am | East Stage | The Sparsholt Affair: Alan Hollinghurst
10.45am | West Stage | The Burbs: Melanie Cheng and Rebekah Clarkson
10.45am | East Stage | Darktown: Thomas Mullen
12pm | West Stage | The Self in the Story: Sarah Krasnostein, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich and Ashleigh Young
12pm | East Stage | Writing Globally: Barbara Kingsolver
1.15pm | West Stage | Faulty Pilgrims: Laleh Khadivi
1.15pm | East Stage | Ghachar Ghochar: Vivek Shanbhag
2.30pm | West Stage | Whipbird: Robert Drewe
2.30pm | East Stage | On Bees and Birds: Maja Lunde and Harriet McKnight
3.45pm | West Stage | Berlin Stories: Catherine Chidgey and David Foenkinos
3.45pm | East Stage | My Sister Rosa: Justine Larbalestier
5pm | West Stage | Poetry Reading
5pm | East Stage | Craphound: Cory Doctorow

Day 5: Wednesday 7 March

9.30am | West Stage | Moorehead: Thornton McCamish
9.30am | East Stage | Mr Deakin: Judith Brett
10.45am | West Stage | The Hazards: Sarah Holland-Batt
10.45am | East Stage | Charlotte: David Foenkinos
12pm | West Stage | Homegrown: Laleh Khadivi and Kamila Shamsie
12pm | East Stage | Shelter in Place: Alexander Maksik
1.15pm | West Stage | Taboo: Kim Scott
1.15pm | East Stage | Priestdaddy: Patricia Lockwood
2.30pm | West Stage | Seeking Refuge: Claire G. Coleman and Jane Rawson
2.30pm | East Stage | Natural Wonders: Peter Godfrey-Smith and Jim Robbins
3.45pm | West Stage | Griffith Review: Commonwealth Now
3.45pm | East Stage | Call of the Reed Warbler: Charles Massy
5pm | West Stage | Miss Muriel Matters: Robert Wainwright
5pm | East Stage | Robert Dessaix

Day 6: Thursday 8 March

9.30am | West Stage | Mr Showbiz: Stephen Dando-Collins
9.30am | East Stage | Caroline Chisholm: Sarah Goldman
10.45am | West Stage | The Vandemonian War: Nick Brodie
10.45am | East Stage | The Trauma Cleaner: Sarah Krasnostein
12pm | West Stage | Anaesthesia: Kate Cole-Adams
12pm | East Stage | How to Fall in Love: Mandy Len Catron
1.15pm | West Stage | Lost in Time: Eva Hornung and Jennifer Mills
1.15pm | East Stage | Woman of Substances: Jenny Valentish
2.30pm | West Stage | Other Minds: Peter Godfrey-Smith
2.30pm | East Stage | Beyond the veil: Manal al-Sharif and Amal Awad
3.45pm | West Stage | The Wonder of Birds: Jim Robbins
3.45pm | East Stage | What is lost: Sarah Holland-Batt and Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner
5pm | West Stage | Danger Music: Eddie Ayres