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Writers' week

Collected stories

I'm Laura Kroetsch, Director of Adelaide Writers' Week. Come and journey with me through the marvellous world of literature. If you feel inspired, get involved and leave a comment at the bottom of the stories!

Adelaide Writers' Week Podcasts

17 May 2013

Day 1 – Saturday 2 March

‘Lost Voices’ with Christopher Koch (9:30am)
‘The Conversation’ with David Brooks (10:45am)

‘Words vs Images’ with Oliver Burkeman, Pat Grant & Olivier Pollet (12pm)
‘Not Her Real Name’ with Emily Perkins (12noon)
‘Short Haul Engine’ with Karen Solie (1:15pm)
‘Every Grain of Rice’ with Fuchsia Dunlop (1:15pm)
‘The Next Generation’ with LK Holt, Josephine Rowe & Fiona Wright (2:30pm)
‘Engineers of the Soul’ with Frank Westerman (2:30pm)
‘Writing South Australia’ with Stephen Orr (3:45pm) *language warning*
‘Outsiders’ with Tatjana Soli & Charlotte Wood (3:45pm)
‘Cold Cold Ground’ with Adrian McKinty (5pm)
‘Cairo’ with Ahdaf Soueif & Parker Bilal (5pm)

Day 2 – Sunday 3 March

‘From Sea to Sea’ with Karen Solie & Zsuzsi Gartner (9:30am)
‘Lives’ with Peter Robb (9:30am)
‘You Aren’t What You Eat’ with Steven Poole (10:45am)
‘Urban Myths’ with John Tranter (10:45am)
‘At Last’ with Edward St Aubyn (12pm)
‘Dogs At The Perimeter’ with Madeleine Thien (1:15pm)
‘Immigrant Nation’ with Pat Grant & Tim Soutphommasane (1:15pm)
‘Girl Power’ with Justine Larbalestier, Isobelle Carmody & Vikki Wakefield (2:30pm)
‘Sri Lanka’ with Frances Harrison & Niromi De Soyza (2:30pm)
‘The Art of the Picture Book’ with Nickl Bland & Tohby Riddle (3:45pm)
‘Redemption in Indigo’ with Karen Lord (3:45pm)
‘Leviathan’ with Scott Westerfeld (5pm)
‘The People Smuggler’ with Robin De Crespigny (5pm)

Day 3 – Monday 4 March

‘1835’ with James Boyce (9:30am)
‘The Fishing Fleet’ with Anne De Courcy (9:30am)
‘All Stories are Love Stories’ with Karen Lord, Emily St John Mandel & Charlotte Wood (10:45am)
‘Strange Meetings’ with Harry Ricketts (10:45am)
‘Map of Love’ with Ahdaf Soueif (12pm)
‘It Takes a Village’ with Shanaka Fernando & Andrea Hirata (1:15pm)
‘The Art of History’ with Tom Holland & Tom Keneally (1:15pm)
‘The Power of Negative Thinking’  with Oliver Burkeman (2:30pm)
‘A New Kind of Writing’ with Frank Westerman & Ann Wroe (2:30pm)
‘Outlaws’ with Courtney Collins & Rohan Wilson (3:45pm)
‘Still Counting the Dead’ with Frances Harrison (5pm)
‘Highways to a War’ – a reading (5pm)

Day 4 – Tuesday 5 March

‘The Biographer’ with Brenda Niall (9:30am)
‘The Daughters of Mars’ with Tom Keneally (9:30am)
‘The Singer’s Gun’ with Emily St John Mandel (10:45am)
‘The Great War’ with Ross McMullin & Harry Ricketts (10:45am)
‘The Food Thing’ with Max Allen, Fuchsia Dunlop & Steven Poole (12pm)
‘By the Book’ with Ramona Koval (12pm)
‘The Politics of the Stage’ with Bryony Lavery & Omphile Molusi (1:15pm)
‘Yellow Birds’ with Kevin Powers (1:15pm)
‘Writing as Parker Bilal’ with Jamal Mahjoub (2:30pm)
‘The Chameleon’ with Charlotte Wood (2:30pm)
‘Poetry Reading’ (3:45pm)
‘Native Title’ with Melissa Lucashenko & Patti Miller (3:45pm)
‘The Future of the Asia Pacific’ with Andrea Hirata, Loretta Napoleoni & Tim Soutphommasane (5pm)

Day 5 – Wed 6 March

‘All the Anxious Girls’ with Zsuzsi Gartner (9:30am)
‘Women Artists’ with Janine Burke & Brenda Niall (9:30am)
‘Say You’re Sorry’ with Michael Robotham (10:45am)
‘Orpheus’ with Ann Wroe (10:45am)
‘Not Quite Crime’ with Zane Lovitt & Emily St John Mandel (12pm)
‘The Raj’ with Anne De Courcy & Harry Ricketts (12pm)
‘The Burning Library’ with Geordie Williamson (1:15pm)
‘The Subjects’ storytelling in extreme environments (1:15pm)
‘Belomor’ with Nicolas Rothwell (2:30pm)
‘The Forgetting Tree’ with Tatjana Soli (2:30pm)
‘Blood’ with Tony Birch (3:45pm)
‘Montebello’ with Robert Drewe (3:45pm)
‘Maonomics’ with Loretta Napoleoni (5pm)
‘The Hazel Rowley Memorial Lecture’ with Alex Miller (5pm)

Day 6 – Thursday 7 March

‘Storm and Honey’ with Judith Beveridge (9:30am)
‘The Engagement’ with Chloe Hooper (9:30am)
‘Somerton Mystery’ with Kerry Greenwood (10:45am)
‘On Black Sisters’ Street’ with Chika Unigwe (10:45am)
‘Griffith Review’ Tasmania (12pm)
‘Bird Watching’ with Janine Burke & Peter Doherty (12pm)
‘The Review Page’ with Zsuzsi Gartner, Emily St John Mandel & Geordie Williamson (1:15pm)
‘Earthmasters’ with Clive Hamilton (1:15pm)
‘Cricket’ with Gideon Haigh (2:30pm)
‘Nine Days’ with Toni Jordan (2:30pm)
‘Indigenous Literacy Foundation’ (3:45pm)
‘Flinders’ with Rob Mundle (3:45pm)