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Writers' week

Collected stories

I'm Laura Kroetsch, Director of Adelaide Writers' Week. Come and journey with me through the marvellous world of literature. If you feel inspired, get involved and leave a comment at the bottom of the stories!

Podcasts from 2015

19 March 2015

To download these podcasts, simply scroll down below the player and click on the podcast you’d like to download. This will take you to its SoundCloud page where you have the options to comment, like, share, add to playlist, or download. Simply click ‘download’ and you’ve got it!

Day 1: Saturday 28 February

9.30am | West Stage | Van Diemen’s Land: Nicholas Clements, Rohan Wilson
9.30am | East Stage | Family: John Lanchester, Tom Rob Smith, Tom Rachman
10:45am | West Stage | A Mother’s Love: Anne Buist, Sofie Laguna
10:45am | East Stage | The Snow Kimono: Mark Henshaw
12pm | West Stage | Internal Medicine: Terrence Holt
12pm | East Stage | Writing History: Helen Castor, Jenny Uglow
1.15pm | West Stage | Just Tricking!: Andy Griffiths
1.15pm | East Stage | Strange New Things: Michel Faber
2.30pm | West Stage | Crikey and Cat: Chris McKimmie
2.30pm | East Stage | Time Travellers: Martha Baillie, Elia Barceló
3.45pm | West Stage | Here Come the Dogs: Omar Musa
3.45pm | East Stage | The Artists: Martin Edmond, Erik Jensen
5pm | West Stage | Wolf in White Van: John Darnielle
5pm | East Stage | My Story: Julia Gillard

Day 2: Saturday 1 March

9.30am | West Stage | The Art of Belonging: Hugh Mackay
9.30am | East Stage | In These Times: Jenny Uglow
10:45am | West Stage | Some Summer: Jared Thomas, Peter Walker
10:45am | East Stage | Max Gate: Damien Wilkins
12pm | West Stage | Off The Map: Alastair Bonnett
12pm | East Stage | History Insists: Nicholas Clements, Miranda Richmond Mouillot
1.15pm | West Stage | Clade: James Bradley
1.15pm | East Stage | Travelling Men: Carl Hoffman, Nicholas Shakespeare
2.30pm | West Stage | Stitch By Stitch: Anne Kennedy
2.30pm | East Stage | The Age of Anxiety: John Darnielle, Smith Henderson
3.45pm | West Stage | New York, New York: Porochista Khakpour, Joanna Rakoff
3.45pm | East Stage | To Name Those Lost: Rohan Wilson
5pm | West Stage | The Rosie Effect: Graeme Simsion (a portion of the talk only)
5pm | East Stage | The Farm: Tom Rob Smith

Day 3: Monday 2 March

9.30am | West Stage | Rise and Fall: Tom Rachman
9.30am | East Stage | Capital: John Lanchester
10:45am | West Stage | Eventual Poppy Day: Libby Hathorn
10:45am | East Stage | Joan of Arc: Helen Castor
12pm | West Stage | Hello, Beautiful!: Hannie Rayson
12pm | East Stage | Dedication: Robert Dessaix
1.15pm | West Stage | Writing Fiction: Jenny Offill, Ceridwen Dovey
1.15pm | East Stage | The Grass Catcher:Ian Wedde
2.30pm | West Stage | The Doctors: Kooshyar Karimi, Terrence Holt
2.30pm | East Stage | Just Kids: Jonas T. Bengtsson, Heather O’Neill, Jerry Pinto
3.45pm | West Stage | On Collaboration: Julian Davies, Phil Day
3.45pm | East Stage | Legacy: Miranda Richmond Mouillot
5pm | West Stage | Poetry Reading: Barry Hill, Anne Kennedy, Omar Musa, Samuel Wagan Watson, Ian Wedde
5pm | East Stage | End Times: Ken Babstock, James Bradley, Michel Faber

Day 4: Tuesday 3 March

9.30am | West Stage | A Fig at the Gate: Kate Llewellyn
9.30am | East Stage | My Salinger Year: Joanna Rakoff
10:45am | West Stage | Baffin Island: Martha Baillie
10:45am | East Stage | Of Muse: Samuel Wagan Watson
12pm | West Stage | The Last Illusion: Porochista Khakpour
12pm | East Stage | Sexual Politics: Roxane Gay, Kooshyar Karimi
1.15pm | West Stage | The End of Love: Marcos Giralt Torrente
1.15pm | East Stage | Out There: Chris Flynn, Ellen van Neerven
2.30pm | West Stage | Lullabies for Little Criminals: Heather O’Neill
2.30pm | East Stage | The World Beneath: Cate Kennedy
3.45pm | West Stage | Some Here Among Us: Peter Walker
3.45pm | East Stage | Home of the Brave: Smith Henderson, Willy Vlautin
5pm | West Stage | This House of Grief: Helen Garner
5pm | East Stage | Oddfellows: Nicholas Shakespeare

Day 5: Wednesday 4 March

9.30am | West Stage | Margaret & Gough: Susan Mitchell
9.30am | East Stage | Where Song Began: Tim Low
10:45am | West Stage | Dept. of Speculation: Jenny Offill
10:45am | East Stage | Born Bad: James Boyce
12pm | West Stage | A Journey: Barry Hill, Ian Wedde
12pm | East Stage | Bad Feminist: Roxane Gay
1.15pm | West Stage | On Malice: Ken Babstock
1.15pm | East Stage | The Free: Willy Vlautin
2.30pm | West Stage | Em and the Big Hoom: Jerry Pinto
2.30pm | East Stage | Before and After: Esther Freud, Joan London
3.45pm | West Stage | Fathers and Sons: Jonas T. Bengtsson, Marcos Giralt Torrente
3.45pm | East Stage | Left Turn: Antony Loewenstein
5pm | West Stage | Jacks and Jokers: Matthew Condon
5pm | East Stage | The Hazel Rowley Memorial Lecture: David Marr

Day 6: Thursday 5 March

9.30am | West Stage | Angry Penguins: Betty Snowden, Samela Harris
9.30am | East Stage | The Bush: Don Watson
10:45am | West Stage | My Palestine: Leila Yusaf Chung, Antony Loewenstein
10:45am | East Stage | The Golden Age: Joan London
12pm | West Stage | By Boat, By Plane: Munjed Al Muderis, Cat Thao Nguyen
12pm | East Stage | Food Pioneers: Dan Barber
1.15pm | West Stage | St Kilda Blues: Geoff McGeachin
1.15pm | East Stage | Mr Mac and Me: Esther Freud
2.30pm | West Stage | Shorts: Angela Meyer, Cate Kennedy
2.30pm | East Stage | When the Night Comes: Favel Parrett
3.45pm | West Stage | Six Capitals: Jane Gleeson-White
3.45pm | East Stage | Cyclone Tracy: Sophie Cunningham
5pm | West Stage | Descent Into Hell: Peter Brune
5pm | East Stage | Peacemongers: Barry Hill