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Writers' week

Collected stories

I'm Laura Kroetsch, Director of Adelaide Writers' Week. Come and journey with me through the marvellous world of literature. If you feel inspired, get involved and leave a comment at the bottom of the stories!

Podcasts from 2017

27 March 2017

With 82 sessions over six days it’s impossible to catch everything live at Adelaide Writers’ Week! Luckily, we’ve got you sorted with podcasts from every session.

To download these podcasts, simply scroll down below the player and click on the podcast you’d like to download. This will take you to its SoundCloud page where you have the options to comment, like, share, add to playlist, or download. Simply click ‘download’ and you’ve got it!

Day 1: Saturday 4 March

9.30am | West Stage | South of Darkness: John Marsden
9.30am | East Stage | Fragrance: Kate Grenville
10.45am | West Stage | Invisible Mending: Mike Ladd
10.45am| East Stage | Only: Caroline Baum
12pm | West Stage | Gender Benders: Cordelia Fine
12pm | East Stage | Dedication: Elizabeth Harrower
1.15pm | West Stage | The Nix: Nathan Hill
1.15pm | East Stage | Invisible Histories: Armando Lucas Correa, Peter Ho Davies
2.30pm | West Stage | How to Explain: Davina Bell, Elin Kelsey & Jessica Walton
2.30pm | East Stage | Kick: Paula Byrne
3.45pm | West Stage | Wisdom Tree: Nick Earls
3.45pm | East Stage | The Way To The Spring: Ben Ehrenreich
5pm | West Stage | True Girt: David Hunt
5pm | East Stage | The Age of Jihad: Patrick Cockburn

Day 2: Sunday 5 March

9.30am | West Stage | True Crime: Graeme Macrae Burnet, Hannah Kent
9.30am | East Stage | The Last Hundred Years: Jane Smiley
10.45am | West Stage | Wintering: Peter Geye
10.45am | East Stage | The German Girl: Armando Lucas Correa
12pm | West Stage | American Dreaming: Adam Fitzgerald, Nathan Hill
12pm | East Stage | Curiosity: Alberto Manguel
1.15pm | West Stage | Small Towns: Cassandra Austin, Holly Throsby
1.15pm | East Stage | The Sadness of History: Krys Lee, A S Patric
2.30pm | West Stage | Ordinary People: Nick Earls, Michelle Wright
2.30pm | East Stage | Just Wicked: Amy Stewart, Kate Summerscale
3.45pm | West Stage | Wedding Bush Road: David Francis
3.45pm | East Stage | Hard Boiled: Adrian McKinty, Ben Sanders
5pm | West Stage | Impossible Journeys: Kooshyar Karimi
5pm | East Stage | Listen, Liberal: Thomas Frank

Day 3: Monday 6 March

9.30am | West Stage | North: Peter Geye, Ian McGuire
9.30am | East Stage | The Muse: Jessie Burton
10.45am | East Stage | The Wicked Boy: Kate Summerscale
12pm | West Stage | Books & Reading: Keith Houston, Alberto Manguel
12pm | East Stage | Bloodlines: Peter Geye
1.15pm | West Stage | One Hundred Letters Home: Adam Aitken
1.15pm | East Stage | The Critics: Jessa Crispin, Sebastian Smee
2.30pm | West Stage | Backyard Cricket: Jock Serong
2.30pm | East Stage | Do Not Say We Have Nothing: Madeleine Thien
3.45pm | West Stage | His Bloody Project: Graeme Macrae Burnet
3.45pm | East Stage | The Fortunes: Peter Ho Davies
5pm | West Stage | Poetry Reading
5pm | East Stage | Refugees: Adele Dumont, William Maley

Day 4: Tuesday 7 March

9.30am | West Stage | The Book: Keith Houston
9.30am | East Stage | Position Doubtful: Kim Mahood
10.45am | West Stage | A Whistled Bit of Bop: Ken Bolton
10.45am | East Stage | On Family: Caroline Baum, Catherine de St Phalle
12pm | West Stage | Political Fictions: Peter Ho Davies, Eka Kurniawan, Madeleine Thien
12pm | East Stage | Bookslut: Jessa Crispin
1.15pm | West Stage | The Border: Yuri Herrera, Krys Lee
1.15pm | East Stage | On Grief: Emily Maguire, A S Patric
2.30pm | West Stage | The Restorer: Michael Sala
2.30pm | East Stage | Heroes: Ben Ehrenreich, Mei Fong
3.45pm | West Stage | The Coppers: Adrian McKinty, Peter Robinson
3.45pm | East Stage | Syria: Patrick Cockburn, Janine Di Giovanni
5pm | West Stage | Marshall’s Law: Ben Sanders
5pm | East Stage | The Hero Maker: Stephen Dando-Collins

Day 5: Wednesday 8 March

9.30am | West Stage | The Art of Rivalry
9.30am | East Stage | The Real Jane Austen: Paula Byrne
10.45am | East Stage | The Lauras: Sara Taylor
12pm | West Stage | The Griffith Review: Patrick Allington, Amrita Malhi, Tory Shepherd
12pm | East Stage | Shrill: Lindy West
1.15pm | West Stage | Unspeakable: Decca Aitkenhead, Thordis Elva, Thomas Stranger
1.15pm | East Stage | War Correspondent: Janine Di Giovanni
2.30pm | West Stage | The Transmigration of Bodies: Yuri Herrera
2.30pm | East Stage | One Child: Mei Fong
3.45pm | West Stage | Migrant Nation: Peter Mares
3.45pm | East Stage | When The Music’s Over: Peter Robinson
5pm | West Stage | Left Behind: Thomas Frank, Jeff Sparrow
5pm | East Stage | The Belltree Trilogy: Barry Maitland

Day 6: Thursday 9 March

9.30am | West Stage | All At Sea: Decca Aitkenhead
9.30am | East Stage | Magical Places: Hannah Kent, Sara Taylor
10.45am | West Stage | Art, Life & the Other Thing: Ashleigh Wilson
10.45am | East Stage | Beauty is a Wound: Eka Kurniawan
12pm | West Stage | Where The Trees Were: Inga Simpson
12pm | East Stage | The Gut: Giulia Enders
1.15pm | West Stage | Islands: Malachy Tallack
1.15pm | East Stage | Forgiveness: Thordis Elva, Thomas Stranger
2.30pm | West Stage | On Love & Violence: Emily Maguire, Zoe Morrison
2.30pm | East Stage | Out Bush: Lia Hills, Kim Mahood
3.45pm | West Stage | Political Histories: Anita Heiss
3.45pm | East Stage | Ghost Empire: Richard Fiddler
5pm | West Stage | Shame The Devil: Melina Marchetta
5pm | East Stage | The Hazel Rowley Lecture: Maxine Beneba Clarke