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The Promise Show Program content

Music Theatre | Australian Premiere

The Promise

Wende / Royal Court Theatre

Dates: 7 Mar - 10 Mar 2024
Venue: Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Duration: 1hr 40mins, no interval
Warnings: Contains strong language. Utilises theatrical smoke and strobe effects. Recommended for audiences 12+
Note: Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the program

The Promise is a co-production of Stichting WENDE, The Royal Court Theatre London and International Theater Amsterdam.
Made possible in part by The Performing Arts Fund NL.


Songs & Writers

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Concept by Chloe Lamford & Wende
Created by Chloe Lamford, Wende, Isobel Waller-Bridge & Imogen Knight
Words by E.V. Crowe, Sabrina Mahfouz, Somalia Nonyé Seaton, Stef Smith & Debris Stevenson
Performed by Wende, Nils Davidse, Emma King & Midori Jaeger

Electronic Producer Jan van Eerd
Additional Arrangement Fiona Brice
Assistant Director Izzy Rabey
Creative Producer Wouter van Ransbeek
Theatre Producer/Business Management Ulrike Bürger-Bruijs
Production Manager Tim van der Does

Original Design Debbie Duru
Original Lighting Design Lee Curran

Lighting Design Freek Ros
Sound Design Bob Willekens



Songs & Writers

Dark Black Pool
EV Crowe

Sabrina Mahfouz, Somalia Nonyé Seaton,
Stef Smith & Debris Stevenson

Lonely Bitch
EV Crowe

Debris Stevenson

Stef Smith

Horror Story
Debris Stevenson

Oh No
EV Crowe

Oh Yes
Somalia Seaton

Mother Fucker 
EV Crowe

Good Women
Sabrina Mahfouz 

It Scares Me
Sabrina Mahfouz 

The Curse
Sabrina Mahfouz 

Debris Stevenson 

The Promise
EV Crowe 

Un Love Song
EV Crowe 

Where you gonna go  
Somalia Seaton 

Beast Undone
Debris Stevenson 

Sabrina Mahfouz 

Let it Be
Stef Smith 




Concept, Composer & Performer

Originally born in London, Wende relocated to the Netherlands after spending her early childhood in England, Africa, and Indonesia, where her father worked as a civil engineer. Her deep passion for music and the performing arts became apparent from a young age, leading her to graduate from the theatre academy in Amsterdam in 2003.  

Wende made an immediate impact on the music scene following her graduation with the release of her debut album Quand tu dors, which featured a collection of French chansons. This album not only showcased her fluency in the French language but also highlighted her remarkable ability to interpret the emotional depth of the songs. The critical acclaim received by Quand tu dors and its subsequent albums, such as La Fille Noyée and Chante!, firmly established her as an up-and-coming star in the Dutch music scene. With albums like No.9 (2009) and the dark electronic Last Resistance (2013), Wende underwent an artistic evolution, repositioning herself as a contemporary singer-songwriter and pop artist. Her fresh and innovative sound attracted a new audience of music lovers and earned her regular appearances at major clubs and festivals in the Netherlands.  

Wende’s latest albums, Mens (2019) and Sterrenlopen (2023), represent new milestones in her artistic development. To delve deeper into the realms of poetic and introspective lyrics, she turned to the Dutch language and embarked on collaborations with renowned novelists and playwrights from across Europe. Together, they curated themes and crafted songs that evolved into captivating and award-winning theatrical concerts. These performances delve into the human experience through a dynamic fusion of electronic music, storytelling, and theatrical elements. Wende's live shows are renowned for their energy and intensity, as she possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience and deliver emotionally charged performances that leave a lasting impact.  

In addition to her solo endeavors, Wende consistently seeks out groundbreaking collaborations with esteemed artists, musicians, theatres and orchestras both in the Netherlands and abroad. Notable examples include her collaboration with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for a performance of Kurt Weill's The Seven Deadly Sins, her interpretation of "Winterreise" at National Sawdust NYC, the development of a ballet for the Dutch National Opera and Ballet based on her music, her collaboration with the Royal Court Theatre for her debut show in London titled The Promise and numerous concerts alongside Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Dutch National Choir, and the Metropol Orchestra. More recently, Wende has ventured into producing her own television show called Kaleidoscope, where she challenges herself and artists from different genres to engage in unique and one-of-a-kind collaborations.

Wende's contributions to the music industry have not gone unnoticed. Throughout her career, she has received numerous accolades, including multiple Edison Awards in different categories and the Golden Harp, one of the highest honors in the Dutch music industry. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Wende is also known for using her platform to champion important social causes. Her thought-provoking lyrics and outspoken advocacy for inclusivity and thinking outside of the box have made her an influential figure in the cultural landscape.  

After two decades of artistic adventures, Wende continues to captivate audiences with her unique style and artistry. Her ability to seamlessly blend genres and languages, combined with her powerful stage presence, has solidified her status as one of the most influential and versatile artists in the Netherlands. With each new project, she restlessly keeps on pushing boundaries and in doing so challenges herself and her audience. 


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