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150 Psalms Exhibition pictures

150 Psalms Exhibition description

150 Psalms, 150 Photographs.

The Psalms were a practical songbook. They contained instructions to the singers, suggestions about instrumentation and even the names of appropriate tunes. Problem is, not a single melody has survived. We can only guess at how they sounded in a world separated from ours by three millennia.

How will future generations respond to contemporary photographic reportage? With the events long forgotten, they may not understand the social and political forces at work, let alone be able to resurrect the voices of the human subjects.

Like the “silent” ancient songs, the power of these “mute” stories will endure and remain immediate because we are still the same species. The art of the photographer, like that of the composer is to recognise that truth and to convey it across time and borders. The stories may loop infinitely, but each one of horror and despair is balanced

by another of elation and awe at the world’s beauty.

Sourced from The Australian’s extraordinary archive, works by this country’s finest photo-journalists are specifically chosen to encapsulate the spirit of a particular psalm lyric: a visual “setting” to complement the musical one that can be heard in the concerts. They invite us to view current events with a deeper understanding of how connected we are to the past.

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