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An exhibition of exciting new works created by young people to tackle the climate emergency, Create4Adelaide is the culmination of a year-long project from Adelaide Festival and Sabir. Launched during the 2023 Festival, this participatory project brought together young people across South Australia and beyond to respond creatively to climate change priorities.  

More than 2,000 South Australians voted in the Create4Adelaide survey to select three climate priorities that would become the focus of the project: extinction of animals and plants, extreme weather events, such as floods and fires, and pollution of our air and waterways. These became the basis for exceptional art created by young people. 

Through workshops and creative events led by over 25 artists with the support of 14 cultural partners and 125 South Australian schools, young people used different art forms to share ideas about how to address climate change. 

The artworks featured in the Create4Adelaide exhibition have been chosen by young people from the hundreds of contributions submitted to the project. The chosen works highlight the concerns of young people, their commitment to combatting climate change and their boundless creativity.  

This exhibition marks the end of this Create4Adelaide journey, which was led by young people with the support of Adelaide Festival and innovative French company Sabir, whose Create4Glasgow initiative for COP26 inspired this project.  

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