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Ensemble Offspring: Songbirds pictures

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Ensemble Offspring: Songbirds description

Songbirds celebrates the breathtaking virtuosity of Australian birdsong with original chamber works commissioned by Australia’s leading new music ensemble – Ensemble Offspring. Performed by Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Jason Noble (clarinet) and Claire Edwardes (percussion), Songbirds captures the familiar sounds of nature’s own musicians, virtuosic avian displays and Indigenous musical perspectives on these beguiling creatures of the sky. The program includes works by Hollis Taylor and Jon Rose, Fiona Loader, Brenda Gifford, Nardi Simpson, Robert Davidson and Gerard Brophy. 

Throughout their rich history Ensemble Offspring have been an extraordinary force in Australian music: bold, risk-taking and tireless advocates of work by living composers.

Australian Arts Review


Fiona Loader Lorikeet Corroboree
Brenda Gifford Mungala (Clouds) 
Nardi Simpson Of Stars and Birds
Hollis Taylor & Jon Rose Bitter Springs Creek 2014
Felicity Wilcox People of This Place
Ella Macens Falling Embers
Gerard Brophy Beautiful Birds 
Robert Davidson Magpie Rift

This concert is part of the Daylight Express series. Ensemble Offspring will also present a concert at the Space Theatre.

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