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Bach gazed into the beyond and witnessed the ultimate Being; Ligeti and Shostakovich saw only a void. Bach’s music reflected the music of the spheres; Ligeti composed ex nihilo. For Shostakovich, a Funeral was the final end; for Bach, it was an approach to the throne of God. 

Performed by Chloe Lankshear, Emma Woehle, Louis Hurley, David Greco, Richard Tognetti, Satu Vänskä, Kristian Winther, Caleb Wright, Sharon Grigoryan & Donald Nicolson.


JS Bach
II. Adagio from Sonata in G minor, BWV1029 

JS Bach
V. “Moaning and piteous weeping” and VI. “To yourself be true, my spirit” from
My sighs, my tears, BWV13 

Musica Ricercata (selections) 

JS Bach (arr. strings)
The Art of Fugue (selections) 

JS Bach
Praise the Lord, all ye nations, BWV230  

Hungarian Rock (Chaconne) 

JS Bach (arr. Tognetti)

III. Intermezzo, V. Funeral March, VI. Epilogue. Adagio from String Quartet no.15 in E-flat major

JS Bach
Before Thy Throne I now appear, BWV668

This event is part of the Nothing: Chamber Landscapes program. See the full program here.

Generously supported by Leading Patron Ulrike Klein AO.

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