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Turning theatre into visual meditation, Goodbye, Lindita is a wordless work from Albanian theatre-maker Mario Banushi that comes to Adelaide after a critically acclaimed debut in the National Theatre of Greece Showcase. 

This visually striking play tracks the life of a family through death and new birth, with domestic chores tangled up with poetic images and rituals from Balkan traditions. A series of strange events brings to the surface a hidden world of dreams and nightmares, an upside-down reality with its own rules.  

A production of astonishing visual and symbolic power.


At just 24 years old, Athens-based director Mario Banushi has been hailed as a rising star of Greek theatre. In Goodbye, Lindita, he works with lighting designer Tasos Paleoroutas and set designer Sotiris Melanos to create an intimate space, bringing together uncanny and everyday elements. 

Beautiful and moving, Goodbye, Lindita is a chance to witness a fresh new voice in theatre. 

I felt I was witnessing the emergence of an exciting new talent.

The Guardian

The real surprise in Mario Banushi is that he is not just a promising young creator: he is a mature artist.


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