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Melbourne’s hit indie theatre company Pony Cam and acclaimed theatre-maker David Williams recreate the theatrical experiences that changed their lives.  

In an exhilarating act of reappropriation, Grand Theft Theatre brings these significant moments back to the stage – moments from shows that toured the world and shows that nobody saw, moments from shows that were thought-provoking, shows that had a profound emotional impact and even some shows from the 2024 Festival. What unfolds with each remembered experience is an autobiographical work that is funny, daring and irreverent.  

Grand Theft Theatre is a continually-evolving, lo-fi ode to the theatrical legacies that we collectively carry and the personal memories that we desperately need to share.

Pony Cam’s work is truly inventive, unpredictable, hilarious and moving.

Theatre First

Grand Theft Theatre is a sensitive and intelligent exploration of the vital role memory plays in keeping theatre alive.

The Age

Originally commissioned by Melbourne Fringe.
Generously supported by Margo Hill-Smith & Sam Hill-Smith.

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