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The title of this concert quotes from King Lear, a play reflecting on the recent introduction of Nothing into European thought – an idea then imposed on Australia as terra nullius. Rhyan Clapham (Dobby) raps into life the consequences of Nothing on Indigenous identity and history. Beethoven’s Archduke, imbued with a redemptive power exemplified by Murakami, captures the miraculous moment of transcendence as the composer descends into aural oblivion. 

Performed by Satu Vänskä, Li-Wei Qin, Konstantin Shamray, Katherine Tonkin & DOBBY (Rhyan Clapham).


Things Seen Right-to-Left (Without Glasses),
interspersed with readings and reflections on
King Lear 

DOBBY (Rhyan Clapham)
Solo set

Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op.97,

This event is part of the Nothing: Chamber Landscapes program. See the full program here.

Generously supported by Leading Patron Ulrike Klein AO.

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