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Private View invites audiences into a world of secret desires and dreams, exploring taboo subjects of love and sex through diverse personal experiences. 

A voyeuristic new work from Restless Dance Theatre, Private View was created by award-winning director and choreographer Michelle Ryan and the Restless dancers with composer and singer Carla Lippis. 

Restless Dance Theatre [are] masters of exploring human experience and emotion.


Audiences catch fleeting glimpses of the dancers, seemingly unaware that they are being observed, as they unleash their innermost thoughts with unfiltered honesty. Raw emotion is evident in every movement, revealing dancers lost in their own private worlds. 

Haunting melodies from Carla Lippis are deeply intertwined within the work and serve as the heartbeat of each scene, underscoring the dancers’ stories and intensifying their emotional resonance. 

Private View is an intimate exploration of unspoken stories and secret longing from Australia’s leading creator of dance theatre by dancers with and without disability. 

The accomplishments of the company under Ryan’s direction are astonishing.

Dance Australia

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., commissioned by Adelaide Festival, Brisbane Festival and Alter State I Arts Centre Melbourne. 

Private View is supported by the Restless Donor Circle.

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