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This is a reflection on gratitude – or a lack of it – in music. Beethoven’s Heiliger dankgesang, a hymn of thanks to God on recovering from illness, is juxtaposed with the thankless task of composing for Rebecca Clarke: critics decided that she not only had not written it herself but that she didn’t even exist. A new work by Jakub Jankowski explores instances when composers have stolen from one another. Does anything ever come from Nothing?  

Performed by Richard Tognetti, Satu Vänskä, Hanna Lee, Sharon Grigoryan, Konstantin Shamray & Katherine Tonkin.


Rebecca Clarke
Viola Sonata

Jakub Jankowski
New work, 2024, John Bishop Memorial Commission (world premiere)

String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Op. 132

This event is part of the Nothing: Chamber Landscapes program. See the full program here.

Generously supported by Leading Patron Ulrike Klein AO.

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