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Time Machine is an exhilarating work of physics and force, dance and Extreme Action that will entertain audiences of all ages. 

Extreme Action, a new art form invented by award-winning performer Elizabeth Streb, takes choreography beyond dance to defy gravity and pushes the human body to its limits. Using prototypic ‘Action Machines’ that move with and against them, her dancers become ‘Action Heroes’ who thrill, scare and delight their audiences. 

[Elizabeth Streb] doesn’t so much make dances as choreograph obstacles for the body to navigate... The art is in the bold act itself and the physical precision it requires, as well as in the grace of the performers’ fearlessness.

The New York Times

Since Elizabeth Streb founded STREB EXTREME ACTION in 1985, the company has travelled from the heights of the experimental dance world to the cutting-edge of popular entertainment with performances known worldwide for their “unflinching explorations of physics” (The New York Times). Their spectacles around the world have provided many jaw-dropping moments, including the finale of their One Extraordinary Day series for the 2012 Olympics, where the dancers performed 120 metres in the air on the spokes of the London Eye. 

STREB EXTREME ACTION come to Adelaide for the very first time with this breathtaking journey through Elizabeth Streb’s extraordinary career. 

With absolute precision they keep the audience in constant amazement, inducing gasps and increasing pulse rates with displays of full-force skill that combine gymnastic and athletic techniques with unexpected movements... This performance is a luxury not to be missed.

North Brooklyn News

Time Machine is presented by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia.


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