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New performances added on Tue 8 Mar, 6pm and Fri 11 Mar, 7pm!

When Tolstoy said there was “something nasty in The Kreutzer Sonata" he was not referring to Beethoven’s music but to his own deeply problematic novella of the same name. The giant of literature was slightly troubled about aligning himself with the tale’s narrator: a uxoricidal psychopath, unhinged by sexual disgust and misogyny.

Sofiya Tolstaya was deeply disturbed by her husband’s book, recognising both the dark self-portrait and the unjust travesty of herself that it contained. In recent years her own counter-novella, Who’s Fault?, has come to light, and in this fascinating recitation/recital, a new version of the story from the perspective of the murdered woman is drawn from both texts.

As writer and presenter, few would be more apt than Anna Goldsworthy, whose elegantly styled fiction and non-fiction traverses both music and gender issues with equal clarity.

But, of course, the field narrows to one because Anna is also a nimble-fingered exponent of the one thing that appalled Tolstoy more than sex: music, “that most refined lust of the senses”. At the piano she will be joined, in the incomparable sonata, by distinguished ex-Brodsky Quartet violinist, and BBC and Sydney Symphony Concert Master, Andrew Haveron.

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