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Incredible Floridas pictures

Incredible Floridas description

Richard Meale’s homage to Rimbaud is an iconic work of Australian modernist art which, like the pilotless boat of the poem from which it draws its title, ‘composed itself’ in an august Adelaide terrace at the start of the Dunstan era, 50 years ago. A slightly surreal doco by the young Peter Weir captures the spirit and ironies of the age. The incomparable Geoffrey Collins plays the solo Meale wrote for him (Melisande) and two joyous pieces by Ross Edwards provide fresh bush-scented relief from one and Marimba magic from the other.


Jack Symonds, conductor
Geoffrey Collins, flute
John Gaden, poetry
Jason Noble, clarinet
Claire Edwardes, percussion
Jacob Abela, piano
James Wannan, violin & viola
Blair Harris, cello
Australian String Quartet


Ross Edwards (b. 1943): Laikan (1979)

Richard Meale (1932-2009): Melisande (1996)

Ross Edwards (b. 1943): String Quartet No. 3 'Summer Dances' (2012)

Peter Weir (b. 1944): Incredible Floridas (1972)

Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891): The Drunken Boat (Le bateau ivre) (1871)

Richard Meale (1932-2009): Incredible Floridas (1971)


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