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Unfortunately, this event is now sold out.

A consecration of the space with Venetian sacred music featuring selections from Monteverdi’s Selva Morale e Spirituale and other works by the great Barbara Strozzi. Experience the purity and clarity of Sydney-based early music specialists Pinchgut Opera, directed by Erin Helyard at the organ.


Anonymous Toccata (from the Chigi MS)

Monteverdi Selva morale et spirituale (SV 284): Salve Regina à 2 

Monteverdi/Coppini Stabat Virgo Maria

Strozzi L’eraclito amoroso, Op. 2: Udite, udite amanti

Monteverdi Confitebor Secondo à 3 from Selva morale et spirituale (SV 266)

Monteverdi Selva morale et spirituale (SV 269): Beatus Vir à 5 

Anonymous Toccata (from the Chigi MS)

Strozzi L’Amante modesto (Op. 1 No. 13)

Strozzi Sacri Musicali Affetti: O Maria

Monteverdi Salve Regina à 3 (SV 285)

Gregorio Strozzi Toccata quarta per l’elevatione

Monteverdi Selva morale et spirituale (SV 271): Laudate Pueri Secondo à 5

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