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She meets him in an airport queue and sparks fly. Their sizzling love affair cools to marriage, a mortgage, two kids - an ordinary but happy family life. Her natural working-class wit works to her advantage, and unexpectedly she starts rising above her allotted rung on the British social ladder. The power dynamic between them shifts - imperceptible cracks become yawning gulfs - but when the house they built falls, nothing prepares her for the devastation.

The innocent sounding Girls & Boys is a searing one-woman show by Dennis Kelly, the celebrated wordsmith of in-yer-face classics Osama the Hero and DNA, as well as the brilliant dialogue for Tim Minchin’s Matilda. He’s also a go-to writer for TV, and his brand of outrageous black humour went on to inspire Fleabag and Catastrophe (Sharon Horgan is a long-time collaborator).

Brazing intensity… It’s a piece that nags away at you after you have left the theatre.

Financial Times

State Theatre Company South Australia Artistic Director Mitchell Butel directs a high wire act, balancing comedy and drama, which has stunned audiences in London and New York. Its stellar solo role is brilliantly filled here by Justine Clarke, whose popular warm presence has made some forget the kind of dark steel that she can deliver (remember her roles in Love My Way and Tangle).

The energy and the vividness of the writing never lets up.

The Independent 

A teasing, edge-of-your-seat entertainment that turns to terror, this is a piece of theatre to gasp at, to relish and to ponder.



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