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This time for sure.

“With every project we risk things blowing up in our faces”, began the copy for this ‘OH&S nightmare’ in last year’s brochure. Well, as we now know, nightmares really can come true, but Lee Wilson’s left scaphoid has fully recovered and, hard as it is to believe, he’s climbed back on that horse.

Heart in your mouth, you’ll watch as, poker-faced, he scales collapsing cardboard-box towers, or hangs precariously from sticky-tape bridges, or entrusts his future mobility to the dubious weight-bearing properties of cheaply made office consumables.

In High Performance Packing Tape, award-winning, cutting-edge performance company Branch Nebula (Wilson with collaborating artists Mirabelle Wouters, Mickie Quick, and Phil Downing) has forged a performance that dares to ask “is a life without danger worth living?”

It’s messy, terrifying, deeply challenging to accepted notions of comfort and safety, and incredible fun. You’ll peer through parted fingers, thrill to his successes, wince at his failures and try hard to contain your uproarious laughter.

Bring plenty of teenagers, but don’t let them near Officeworks afterwards.

Superb... Skilled, inventive and risk taking.

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