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This event will be free of charge, but all patrons attending must hold a valid ticket for entry. Capacity is strictly limited.

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“Can I get a moment to myself?” she asked a while back, and the millions of us who sang along obviously weren’t careful what we wished for. After months of isolation, we all want much more than a moment with lots of others and on opening night, who better than the fabulous Jessica Mauboy to bring us together again with an evening of unalloyed joy.

In just 15 years Jess has earned a place among our very greatest entertainers; her massive fan base including many who were barely weaned when she first flashed her peerless pearlies for the nation, surrounded by red sand in that as-Aussie-as-it-gets outdoor Idol audition.

She’s not Australia’s Beyoncé. She’s not Australia’s anybody other than herself: an amazing First Nations female triple-threat who transcends genres - dance, pop, urban, country - with consummate skill, delivers live performances with wit and charm leaving audiences spellbound and whose glowing, beautiful soul shines through in every song.

Expect her full old-school R&B band and sensational backing singer/dancers pumping out all the hits including those from her acclaimed latest album Hilda (fresh from debuting at #1 on the ARIA charts.)

You won’t have her to yourself, of course. It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE so you’ll have to share her with several thousand other fans and these days you’ll need to reserve your tickets. So, text your mates, and jump online quick smart once registration opens to get your free ticket for what promises to be the most life-affirming concert of 2021.

Her genre-hopping is relentless and refreshing, literally from country twanger to club banger in a space of a few minutes... demonstrates how hard work and deep talent can be a deadly combination.


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