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Marina Abramović Institute: Takeover pictures

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Marina Abramović Institute: Takeover description

The Space Theatre will become a home to explore the impact and pleasure of durational performance this Festival. Curated by conceptual artist Marina Abramović and the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), artists from Australia, neighbouring countries and beyond will be invited to create new site-specific, long-durational work.

Listed as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people, Abramović is a pioneer of performance art.

The Conversation

The artists will engage with endurance, presence and participation, creating an infinite possibility of encounters between visitors and artists. Marina Abramović will intervene digitally during the takeover, as well as curating with MAI. Visitors are encouraged to participate, not just observe, and to return over the course of the project to track the changes and surprises in the evolving, long-durational pieces.  

This will be the latest global communal participatory project created by MAI, following São Paulo (2015), Athens (2016), Kyiv (2017), Bangkok (2018), Istanbul (2020), Amsterdam (2022) and London (2023).

[Marina Abramović] is known across the globe for conceptual art practices that push human endurance and boundaries to the limit.

DailyArt Magazine

Please note: Marina Abramović curates this work with the Marina Abramović Institute and will intervene digitally during the takeover, but is not currently planned to appear in person. More information about the artists engaging in the takeover will be available soon.

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