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Music to summon wide open spaces and the scent of eucalypts after rain. Contemporary Australian string miniatures alongside central desert field recordings, world premieres by Andrea Keller and Erkki Veltheim, and old European instruments accompanying new songs by young Aboriginal voices. Music by Peter Sculthorpe, Hollis Taylor, Ella Macens, Brett Dean, Emily Wurramara, Yirrmal Marika, performed by Emily, Yirrmal, Saraima Navara with Erkki Veltheim, Andrea Keller, Joe Talia and ensemble.


This Day Pass includes this concert, Remembrance of Times Past and Rímur.



John Rodgers (b. 1962) arr. E. Veltheim (b. 1976): Carolling 4
Hollis Taylor (b. 1951): Night Shift
Ella Macens (b. 1991): The Lake
Yirrmal Marika arr. E. Veltheim: Sunset Feeling
Andrea Keller (b. 1973): Prelude (2019)
Emily Wurramara (b. 1996) arr. E. Veltheim: Blue Moon, Black Sea
Andrea Keller: New Work (2019)
Yirrmal Marika arr. E. Veltheim: The Bridge
Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014): Little Serenade
Hollis Taylor: Banana Paper
Brett Dean (b. 1961): Intimate Decisions
Hollis Taylor: Green Lake, Victoria
Peter Sculthorpe: Looking Back
Erkki Veltheim: Prelude (2019)
Erkki Veltheim: New Work (2019)
Emily Wurramara arr. E. Veltheim: Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)



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