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Ngarku'adlu (Let's eat) pictures

Ngarku'adlu (Let's eat) description

You may not have dined out in a while, so the time is ripe to treat yourself. But this fine dining feast two, exclusive four-course dinners (with accompanying South Australian wines) on the last nights of the Adelaide Festival is unlike anything you have experienced. It’s a chance to awaken your taste buds to extraordinary new sensations, and your mind to a whole new understanding of how spectacular Australian food can be unencumbered by imported ingredients and imported knowledge.

Adelaide Festival is proud to present two incredible dining events – a casual picnic perfect for family groups or friends, the other a special fine dining event. Whichever event you choose, you can expect to be enriched and excited by tasting and talking about South Australia’s incredible native foods.

These wonderful festival events are curated and prepared by this country’s finest First Nations chefs, including Clayton Donovan, Australia’s only Indigenous hatted chef, and Warndu, an Indigenous-owned Australian Native Food business with a mission to inspire curiosity about our native plants, nuts, seeds and proteins and regenerate culture, community, tradition, health and our soils.

Strictly available for only 240 diners, guests will experience the South Australian Museum at night, surrounded by its unique collection, and experience the contemporary flavours inspired by our diverse landscapes, unique plants and animals, interwoven with stories and knowledge shared by cultural leaders, the culture and traditions of Kaurna, Adnyamathanha, Ngarrindjeri, and Narungga nations spanning tens of thousands of years.

Just as the bushfire crisis focused urgent attention on Indigenous land management, many have realised that, when it comes to rethinking unsustainable agri-business models or simply invigorating a genuinely national cuisine, we all have an opportunity now to stop and listen to those who have ‘shopped’ in the bush with joy and respect for countless generations.

All products on offer are made in Australia from 100% locally sourced, seasonal and wild harvested produce with an emphasis on supporting Aboriginal enterprises.

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