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Having an intimate one-on-one conversation with someone of your own generation is not uncommon. Such encounters become exponentially rarer as the age gap widens. At a time when ageing and isolation are becoming more acute than ever before, this gem of a piece puts you face to face, in a safe and private space with an older perfect stranger and invites you to freely converse.

You book individually, and walk alone through a portal, where you are met with a desk, a computer and a bespoke website that connects you to one of many remarkable, articulate seniors from around the country. Together you shuffle some virtual cards, click on one and ask the big questions that are revealed. Your companion does the same, and asks the big questions of you. And then you repeat the process. You can pass if you prefer, but most find this encounter to be like nothing else in their lives. Truth or Dare, You Can’t Ask That, Catholic Confession; nothing comes close.

Yes, life’s essential questions about sex and death are on the list, however the openness of the form allows for you and your senior interlocutor to take the exchange wherever you want; down memory lane, towards an urgent future or simply sharing a laugh with someone you don’t know, across age and distance with such ease and delight.

Internationally acclaimed for her intergenerational participatory performances, Melbourne artist Samara Hersch, together with Bec Reid and Ponch Hawkes, has created a rare and unexpected encounter that will probe you to think differently about your own body and the body in front of you, which, like the game itself, are in a constant state of transformation. Step through the portal, and meet an elder who will welcome you to be as frank as you like. No one will be the wiser - except you.

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