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We invite you to gather in the hushed dawn to witness the marvel of Patricia Piccinini's Skywhales: Every Heart Sings

Skywhale first appeared in the skies above Canberra in 2013, widening the eyes of the population, leaving many speechless and certain city-folk more forthcoming about public art and public money than at any time since the National Gallery acquired Blue Poles. After brief migrations to Tasmania, Japan and Ireland, Patricia Piccinini's monumental Skywhale has a new companion, Skywhalepapa.

Skywhalepapa stands some ten stories high and carries under his nurturing fins the brood of calves that his partner’s magnificent dugs had caused us to wonder about. As Piccinini says, what started as a character has “become a relationship and a narrative”. This lofty pod, with their exemplary share-parenting credentials, will never crash and burn, and they make those Supercouples so beloved by gossip magazines, look miniscule.

Arm yourselves with picnic blankets and torches, and bring the whole family for a truly special experience. Art events don’t come much bigger than this.

Please note the information on this page about flight times, suggestions of what to bring, and what will be available on-site. 

Let the fun continue!
We've got extra activities and talks for the under 12 crowd at Kids' Day for Adelaide Writers' Week after Skywhales concludes on Sat 5 Mar. The Kids' Day program starts at 9.10am and is held in the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden - directly across the road from Elder Park! Kids can stay for Patricia Piccinini’s visit to Writers' Week with her new children’s book, Every Heart Sings. You can also pick up a knitting pattern to make your own, listen to their new theme song (Jess Green’s “We are the Skywhales”) or think about fashioning your own version of the Three Mills Bakery speciality croissant in their honour.

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