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Now in his twenty first year at the helm of ADT, Garry Stewart has crafted a unique collective identity for his formidable dancers. His two most recent creations, The Beginning of Nature (with its filmic offshoot, The Circadian Cycle) and South are choreographic responses to that most burning of all issues: humanity’s relationship to the natural world, both as disruptor and participant in its rhythms and cycles.

Supernature, the culmination of the trilogy, postulates potential futures for our species, its mythic visual vocabulary surreally blurring the lines between anthropomorphic and zoomorphic.

We’ve recently become all too aware of how a microscopic infringement of that border can have existential consequences for H sapiens. Join us for this world premiere season as one of Australia’s most influential choreographers and his ensemble of extraordinary dancers invite us to consider how the evolutionary impact of our unnatural ways may force us into a new partnership with the planet we defiled.

One of the most memorable and exciting theatrical works in recent memory

Dance Australia (of South)

Primal, powerful and beautiful… an unforgettable performance


Stewart’s raison d’être as a choreographer is to push dance beyond the conventional limits, and there is no doubt that his dancers are among the most impressive I’ve seen

The Times

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