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The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution details

The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution pictures

The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution description

Friends of the Festival receive immediate access to the pre-sale, with general public tickets on sale from 11am, October 29.

In 2020 the world will celebrate 250 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer whose remarkable, innovative music consolidated everything that came before and set the scene for everything that was to come.

This unique evening delivers startling insights into the turning point of his life, October 6 1802, when he composed not a piece of music but a letter that he kept secret until he died. Brett Dean, himself now one of the world’s most acclaimed composers, leads the ASO from the violas and invites his friend Sir Christopher Clark, professor of history at Cambridge University, to give a rich context - social, political and scientific - for the famous Heiligenstadt Testament.

The realisation that the playful, life-affirming works written when Ludwig was a stellar figure in Vienna are actually those of a young man on the brink of suicide will shock you. That he could defy his depression and crippling affliction with the most revolutionary symphony ever composed, the Eroica, is one of Art’s great miracles.

At the concert’s centre Dean’s own moving and terrifying work evokes the maestro’s vanishing sound world and lets us share the panic and alienation that he was forced to mask.

Wonderfully invigorating 

The Guardian

Beethoven -
Movements from Septet, Piano Concerto No.1 (Introduction), Symphony No.1 and Symphony No.2
Brett Dean -
Beethoven -
Symphony No.3,Eroica

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