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Artfully fusing jazz, hip hop, no wave and post-gospel soul, four-time ARIA Award-winner Genesis Owusu is an inventive and unique voice in the Australian music scene. Reference points jump wildly from The Clash to N.E.R.D., Prince to Solange Knowles, without feeling forced or incongruous. With a commanding live performance, for which Rolling Stone labelled him a “showman savant”, the 23-year-old creates music that is ambitious, experimental and cerebral. Drawing on his experiences as a Ghanian-Australian, he speaks to the relationship between racism, mental health and identity with urgency and honesty. Genesis Owusu’s genre-hopping sound is stylish and full of substance.

Released in March 2021, Genesis' debut album, Smiling with No Teeth, showcases his unique sound and point of view. In a significant nod from the Australian music industry, Genesis won album of the year, best hip hop release, best independent release and best cover art (with co-designer Bailey Howard) for Smiling With No Teeth at the 2021 ARIA Awards.

Experience the power of Smiling With No Teeth with Genesis Owusu and the Black Dog Band live at The Summerhouse in 2022. You won't regret it.

Image Byron Spencer


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