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Juicy Pop is brining your fave tunes from years past to tomorrow to give you the night of your life! This is a shame-free zone where you're encouraged to get lost in the pure pop melodies usually confined to shower karaoke. We're bringing you some legends of the dancefloor to help you in this juicy journey.

Bringing the bubblegum POP are sticky and sweet deejay duo Jawbreakers in their first ever live set in Adelaide. Kali and Sabrina are known for their captivating EDM beats and droolworthy dancefloor looks.

Deejay “Filip with an F” will be serving the soundtrack to your life. Filip will take every one of your faves, put the track down, flip it and reverse it serving a mash-up set like you’ve never heard before! Plus he promises some very special guests will POP on-stage for a visit to delight us all.

DJ JoSH is one of Adelaide’s national treasures and is no stranger to the pop scene and its history. DJ JoSH will be digging deep through her vast collection to bring back the very best years of the original Mars Bar, Beans Bar and Lick parties. You'll get a taste of history with delights from 1985 to 1995 as she dishes up tasty Euro pop, piano house, HI NRG POP and 80s synth pop classics.

Image (Jawbreakers + Filip) Supplied
Image (DJ JoSH) Robert Knapman Photography

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